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Artist Statement 


My paintings explore the abstract idea of a mood or ambiance of certain places or things.

I work from inspiration drawn from design and nature, but especially from travel (real or imagined). The combinations of memories from places and objects often generate the spark that engage me in using certain colors and shapes - aways trying to evoke a certain feeling in the painting. Whether the paintings are dark and moody or bright and light, I strive to keep a balance of energy and calm in the final result. For me, painting is a way of creating an environment or mood that I want to return to.

Growing up in a time when computers and iPhones didn't exist, and now living and raising children in a digital age influences my work immensely. It interests me that my generation will be that last that has viewed the world through a non-digital lense. 


From a graphic design background, my use of the grid and concept of “balance” in form and color are used continually and form the basis for each piece as it develops. Using layering, each painting develops over time – never really planning the final result.

Artists who have influenced me are Richard Diebenkorn, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Milton Avery and Agnes Martin, among others. I look to them for their mastery of form, color and simplicity.  

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